Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Steps for Years

The last month has been an outstanding build toward our 2011 campaign. The whole team has been pouring themselves into training and recovery. Every week someone or everyone does something that shows our progress. Whats amazing is how much energy it all takes. In this case its a village for sure! between sponsors,clothing design,workouts,jobs,marketing, racing,life,fun, you name it and working our way towards our long term goals takes a lot of energy. I love the analogy of marbles on the table. Every goal, every relationship, every workout,every trip is a marble and keeping them in place is no less than a challenge! I do believe though that with the team we have in place we are creating great development that will lead to success. When I say team, I mean family, sponsors, friends, and coaches. This week I brought in Sheila Taormina to do a 2 day workshop with our pros and work with Team IE amateurs as well. Sheila has the most profound energy! Its like Red Bull but alive. I feel so motivated by her no bullshit approach. She challenges each one of us to set a goal and be honest about stepping up and grabbing a hold of it. Whats important is that we own our own goal, success and failure. No excuses...NONE! NO not ONE! Sheila excelled on so many levels and over came so much adversity,hearing her speaking and watching her passion was energizing.I highly recommend her book "Call the Suit". One thing that we discuss and she hit on was baby steps. We all need to focus in on success and then start moving in that direction. For me its unlikely that most of us truly take "big" steps. I find that at any level, consistency of small steps results in success. Sure 2012,2016, and 2020 are a long way off, but if we are closer today then yesterday because of our hard work then we made ground. What I see in these athletes day in and day out is a deep commitment to do things that will result in success. What I see accepted in society is an inability to commit and justification that discomfort or sacrifice is somehow unnecessary. Whats incredible is that driving hard right behind these athletes are layers of amateur and Pro IE athletes working to dominate the 2011 season. Team IE has at least 10 other athletes that could win any race at any give time. Look out for them at races near you. At Team IE we are striving to develop every level of athlete to the best of their ability. This is done patiently and slowly but I assure you that it will happen. Thank you for honoring us with your time and please feel free to leave comments and make the site more interactive.

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