Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 and Beyond

As of today, 2/3 of the team will be in one location and while we will miss Nicole, it will be so great to have Kaleb and Lauren in one spot. With the support of Computrainer we have a full training center in my basement. With the help of Cobb saddles we can ride for hours in comfort and with the help of Hammer Nutrition we can go and go and recover quickly. I feel lucky to be working with such talented and dedicated athletes. I wont say exactly what our goals are but I don't feel restrained at all but their abilities. I have huge hopes to shock the world and take Team IE to all new heights in 2011. There are so many new opportunities to race in North America this year that I am hoping they don't cannibalize each other. It would be great if all the race series succeed and our team could actually make a good living doing something they love. We already have requests from promoters to commit to their series.With races starting in January it could prove to be a long season but we are already pr'ing at testing solely on base work. I want to thank all of our sponsors and all of the athletes that make Team IE what it is. A good friend once said that South Bend was the least likely place to ever make a coaching company work. As of today we have some of the most promising talent in the country!Coach G

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to beat the holiday sweet tooth?

Well, I just graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Biological Sciences. I think my parents are more excited than I am, but I must admit it is nice having the stress of studying lifted off of my shoulders.

Now that I have so much time to train I automatically think it is OK to indulge myself with all of the Christmas goodies. Kaleb and I will be racing soon so it is probably a bad idea to gain the holiday pounds. Unfortunately, I am a woman. Today I was running with 2 local guys and they were asking me why women loved sweets. Hmm.. I do not know guys, probably because we were born that way! Anyways, instead of diving into the cookie jar I made a delicious shake post run/ride today. Here is is:

1 scoop of Hammer Chocolate Whey Protein
1/2 of a nice yellow banana 
1 table spoon of PB (gives it a nice thick texture-so you think it is a milkshake)
1/2 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt
Ice cups (personal preference)
Splash of 1% milk

Blend these up and enjoy! This drink is loaded with protein and really takes care of the sweet tooth. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Team IE- Thank you for welcoming me!! -Nicole Kelleher

Last summer I had the privilege of attending an elite development camp at the olympic training center where I met some seriously awesome athletes and coaches who I now call friends.  Upon meeting Kaleb and Greg, I was so impressed by the relationship they had- it was so obvious that Greg genuinely cared about Kaleb as a person, not just as an athlete, and had Kaleb’s best interests at heart.  It was obvious they were having fun-  a simple yet elusive dynamic in the elite triathlon world. Throughout the camp I got to know Kaleb, Greg and especially Lauren (my roomie!) better and I was honored to have the opportunity to meet such great people.
            Greg has such a great relationship with his athletes and makes the sport exciting and something to be passionate about- an indispensable element to success in my opinion.  Greg is a fantastic coach and I can’t wait until next season because I know it is going to crazy fun!
I am so excited about having Lauren and Kaleb as teammates, they are both ridiculously talented and pose genuine future Olympic Team threats.  Lauren is a time-bomb of young talent on the brink of exploding into ITU domination.  She is also kind of insane and fun- which is good for me as I am a bit of a stuffy, retentive medical student type.  Kaleb is the man. During my final race last year at the US open Toyota Cup, I was all alone on the bike and Kaleb came whizzing by me- he knew the perfect thing to say to me, “Keep on it Nicole!!”  I was so thankful he took the effort to yell at me despite being in the middle of his own racing (a race he would go onto win.) 
I will write more about myself soon enough, but I wanted my first blog entry just to express how excited I am about the upcoming year and thank everyone for welcoming me to the team!!
Some serious pre-run walk training in Colorado is clear from this picture-
Lauren is very tan. I am very pale. But she still lets me be her friend.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ride The World Indoors

RacerMate has supplied us with two CompuTrainers!!  This will be a huge benefit for us this winter.  Living in South Bend produces many challenges while training in the winter, but getting good workouts on the bike are one of the largest.  This will help us get the most out of training inside.  CompuTrainers not only take the boredom out of riding an indoor trainer, but they allow us to train on courses we will race on throughout the summer.  They really are amazing, and we look forward to using them not only in the winter, but also on some race prep throughout the entire year.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Champion System

Team IE Elite has a fantastic clothing sponsor for 2011!  Champion System has agreed to supply us with clothing for the upcoming season.  Champion System offers the best tri suits on the market and top of the line clothing for training.  Their clothing can be sublimated so logos will not deminish over time.  We are very excited to have them on board and look forward to looking great while we train and race!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the Season!

Who knew running races were so much fun!? I never got to do any in college because I did not run XC or track. My family lives in Charleston, SC and there is a huge 5k on Thanksgiving that usually has around 6,000 runners. I thought I would go out and do it with my cousins so that I would not feel as guilty when I stuffed my face at Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up winning the female division with a time of 17:33. I was SUPER excited considering it is the off season and I have done 0 speed work...well 0 tempo work too. 

There was another 5k today called the Reindeer Run in Charleston. I decided to come down for it since there was a pretty nice cash prize. I felt awful when I woke up and I was late because I had to go all the way back home and get my race chip and number (yes, I forget them on my bed). After talking with Greg, I decided I was just going to have fun. But then I got to the start line and of course I immediately switched to race mode. I love racing. I started right in the middle of 5 Kenyan men. It was awesome, ran the first 400m with them. Why? Because they made me feel like I was in the Olympics or something. If you want to be the best you must be surrounded by the best. Well needless to say, I fell off that pace and just settled into my own. For 3k I heard someone breathing heavy on my shoulder but I did not want to turn around and look. I tend to turn and look back too much in races, so I really wanted to try and avoid that. I never could shake the mystery person off so with 800m to go I looked back...and it was a woman. A very fast Russian woman. I decided it was now or never and took off but she had a wayyy better kick than me. Oh well, got 2nd place and finished with a 17:02! That is an awesome time for me. I am so excited to keep running. I will be united with Kaleb in 24 days. Running with him is pretty much like running with a Kenyan so it should really help me get to where I need to be. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Eat drink and be merry.