Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strength in numbers

The inaugural USA Sprint National Championships have come and gone and I am left feeling not only ready for the season but also thankful.  My only goal going into this race was to have a good swim. I had not yet done any running faster than long endurance pace or out of the snow so I must say I was happy with my 8th place finish and a new 5k PR!

I have pretty much settled down finally in South Bend, IN and have gotten on a routine of training, working, and grocery shopping. Often times I am so caught up in “swim, bike, run” and I overlook those that are making my dream a reality. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love and not have to worry about outside stressors. My family has been extremely supportive of me achieving my goals and taking chances. Hands down, I have the best mom ever. So many times I have called her complaining about my bad workouts, financial situations, or the cold frigid weather and she listens and talks some sense into me.  My coach, Greg, has poured many outside hours of his time into getting us sponsors, planning races and travel, finding me a job, and helping me mature as an athlete.  My friends back at school and at home stay in touch and keep me updated with what is going on back in South Carolina. They are also cheering for me and it motivates me to train harder and perform well. Finally, my teammates, you guys rock and are such an inspiration. I have never been a part of a group with such hard working and driven athletes. Without these people in my life I would not be able to race to my potential---so THANK YOU!

Also, a young guy on the US Junior team, Kevin, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma this week after placing 10th in the Elite National race. Please pray for him through his journey of becoming cancer free. 

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