Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nicole Kelleher

Please welcome Nicole Kelleher!!  We are very excited to have Nicole on the team.  She is an outstanding triathlete and person.  She finished 3rd at USAT Elite Nationals and 3rd overall in the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Series.  She is currently balancing a career as a professional triathlete while attending Medical School at the University of Virginia.  She grew up in Seattle, Washington and excelled in Cross-Country and Track at Dartmouth College.  She finished out her collegiate eligibility while attending grad school at Southern Methodist University.

Nicole currently has her own blog at http://nicolekelleher.blogspot.com/ so you can read about her adventures from last season.  Nicole will be focusing on non-drafting races in the future, and we hope you enjoy following her as well as she dominates some of the largest triathlons in the US.

Nicole on the podium at USAT Elite Nationals

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