Monday, November 29, 2010

Workout Wednesday

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to spend some time with Karly, my sister, during her kindergarten class’ Workout Wednesday.  One Wednesday a month she talks to her kids about exercise and diet to promote a healthy lifestyle.  I arrived at her classroom as her class was returning from recess.  I brought in some of my gear to show them and explained how I have to do two transitions as part of a race.  After that we went outside to do 4 laps around the tennis courts to get warmed up.  It was cold out so everyone had to wear their jackets and hats, and limited the amount of time we could spend outside.  I then went through some simple run drills with them.  As we were going back inside I showed them a flying bike mount and Karly asked them if that is how they get on their bikes and they all yelled “NO” and laughed.  Right before we went back inside Karly had them line up on the sidewalk and I rode fast in front of them.  They thought it was fast but I could only get up to 25 mph in the short amount of room I had.  Once inside I went through a simple core routine with them.  The final activity of the day was for the kids to have a transition race.  The boy and girl champions both received water bottles.  They had to run across the room, put their shoes on, and then run back and give me a high five.  There were two heats for boys and three heats for girls.  The winners of each heat met for the championship.  It was a great experience and I am glad I got to help Karly with her Workout Wednesday.  I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I did!
Karly's Kindergarten Class

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