Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the Season!

Who knew running races were so much fun!? I never got to do any in college because I did not run XC or track. My family lives in Charleston, SC and there is a huge 5k on Thanksgiving that usually has around 6,000 runners. I thought I would go out and do it with my cousins so that I would not feel as guilty when I stuffed my face at Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up winning the female division with a time of 17:33. I was SUPER excited considering it is the off season and I have done 0 speed work...well 0 tempo work too. 

There was another 5k today called the Reindeer Run in Charleston. I decided to come down for it since there was a pretty nice cash prize. I felt awful when I woke up and I was late because I had to go all the way back home and get my race chip and number (yes, I forget them on my bed). After talking with Greg, I decided I was just going to have fun. But then I got to the start line and of course I immediately switched to race mode. I love racing. I started right in the middle of 5 Kenyan men. It was awesome, ran the first 400m with them. Why? Because they made me feel like I was in the Olympics or something. If you want to be the best you must be surrounded by the best. Well needless to say, I fell off that pace and just settled into my own. For 3k I heard someone breathing heavy on my shoulder but I did not want to turn around and look. I tend to turn and look back too much in races, so I really wanted to try and avoid that. I never could shake the mystery person off so with 800m to go I looked back...and it was a woman. A very fast Russian woman. I decided it was now or never and took off but she had a wayyy better kick than me. Oh well, got 2nd place and finished with a 17:02! That is an awesome time for me. I am so excited to keep running. I will be united with Kaleb in 24 days. Running with him is pretty much like running with a Kenyan so it should really help me get to where I need to be. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Eat drink and be merry.

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