Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Team IE- Thank you for welcoming me!! -Nicole Kelleher

Last summer I had the privilege of attending an elite development camp at the olympic training center where I met some seriously awesome athletes and coaches who I now call friends.  Upon meeting Kaleb and Greg, I was so impressed by the relationship they had- it was so obvious that Greg genuinely cared about Kaleb as a person, not just as an athlete, and had Kaleb’s best interests at heart.  It was obvious they were having fun-  a simple yet elusive dynamic in the elite triathlon world. Throughout the camp I got to know Kaleb, Greg and especially Lauren (my roomie!) better and I was honored to have the opportunity to meet such great people.
            Greg has such a great relationship with his athletes and makes the sport exciting and something to be passionate about- an indispensable element to success in my opinion.  Greg is a fantastic coach and I can’t wait until next season because I know it is going to crazy fun!
I am so excited about having Lauren and Kaleb as teammates, they are both ridiculously talented and pose genuine future Olympic Team threats.  Lauren is a time-bomb of young talent on the brink of exploding into ITU domination.  She is also kind of insane and fun- which is good for me as I am a bit of a stuffy, retentive medical student type.  Kaleb is the man. During my final race last year at the US open Toyota Cup, I was all alone on the bike and Kaleb came whizzing by me- he knew the perfect thing to say to me, “Keep on it Nicole!!”  I was so thankful he took the effort to yell at me despite being in the middle of his own racing (a race he would go onto win.) 
I will write more about myself soon enough, but I wanted my first blog entry just to express how excited I am about the upcoming year and thank everyone for welcoming me to the team!!
Some serious pre-run walk training in Colorado Springs...it is clear from this picture-
Lauren is very tan. I am very pale. But she still lets me be her friend.

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