Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 and Beyond

As of today, 2/3 of the team will be in one location and while we will miss Nicole, it will be so great to have Kaleb and Lauren in one spot. With the support of Computrainer we have a full training center in my basement. With the help of Cobb saddles we can ride for hours in comfort and with the help of Hammer Nutrition we can go and go and recover quickly. I feel lucky to be working with such talented and dedicated athletes. I wont say exactly what our goals are but I don't feel restrained at all but their abilities. I have huge hopes to shock the world and take Team IE to all new heights in 2011. There are so many new opportunities to race in North America this year that I am hoping they don't cannibalize each other. It would be great if all the race series succeed and our team could actually make a good living doing something they love. We already have requests from promoters to commit to their series.With races starting in January it could prove to be a long season but we are already pr'ing at testing solely on base work. I want to thank all of our sponsors and all of the athletes that make Team IE what it is. A good friend once said that South Bend was the least likely place to ever make a coaching company work. As of today we have some of the most promising talent in the country!Coach G

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