Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, new home, new sponsor!

Happy New Year! I finally made it to South Bend to train with my coach and teammates for the next few months. I have had to adjust a lot to the weather, but I really think that the icy cold will only make me a tougher athlete. Kaleb and I have had an awesome time training together; not only is the company great but we also are able to push each other in workouts. Unlike most, we are racing in a few weeks in Honduras so   I am more motivated to push myself during workouts with someone who has the same goals as me. I am looking forward to racing this season---only 21 days!

We recently received some new suits, clothing, and equipment from our new sponsor, Finis. Finis makes great suits for training and very warm thermal gear to wear pre and post swim!!

Finally, I want to thank Dave at Metro Run and Walk for giving me the opportunity to work for him!! I never knew selling running shoes could be so fun :)

Hope everyone is keeping their new year's resolutions....


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