Wednesday, January 5, 2011

540 Watts of RAW POWER

Today I was thinking about all of the athletes that are heading south to train. I was wondering, is that where we should be? Is there something wrong with this picture? So that caused me to think more about what I have always said about Indiana. There is something wonderful about the beauty of a season and the beauty of forced rest and change. If we were in Tuscon for instance, it would be more of the same. Sure its beautiful but doesn't it satiate a part of the mind that needs to be hungry? How great does it feel to ride on that first 50 degree day in March ! What you see here is what I will call the 540. That is 540 watts of combined power for our 20 min test. That is a lot of watts! Watts more, we did that right there in that facility. Riding no mountains, only our Computrainers. So what is the cost of being cold and training here? I don't see a cost, what I see is an opportunity to separate our selves in a way that few are willing. The sacrifice is actually an investment. The investment of going to the pool in the snow, running through snow on ice and riding in the basement. For these two the value was three National Championships in 2010 and yet to be determined in 2011 but I have a great feeling. The same feeling I had in 2000 when I was a lone wolf pack of one but have now grown to a lone wolf pack of 70. It was said that if you build they will come and I have been building and they have been coming. Whats coming next will blow every ones mind because the lone wolf pack will finally have a den!

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