Thursday, January 13, 2011

Radio Show Interview- Sports Talk Radio AM 1400 - Click this link to hear interview

On Tuesday I had a great radio interview with Mac McDonald on am 1400 sports talk radio Charlottesville/Richmong and Central Virginia.  I loved being on the show and it was great to represent the sport of triathlon on a station that primarily is football/basketball focused.  Although I have to say, it is very odd having a conversation with someone in which they can only ask questions about you.  The whole interview, I really wanted to ask the host a question to make the conversation balanced!  I guess that is not how radio works though! 

I am so happy to be a part of the team IE family and although I am not in south bend to train- I love seeing the great pictures on this blog of all the intense hard core workout sessions going on there in every condition imaginable!!! When Mac, the radio host, asked me who I train with, I thought of how tough my teammates are training in south bend! I know my teammates are going to be really really tough come racing season.  Training in a cold place is often a blessing in disguise-  I learned this running in college up in New Hampshire.  Your are never too fit too early- you are sharp at the right time in the season, and it makes you really really tough mentally and strong physically!!  Keep posting those great pics!!

Happy Training- Nicole

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