Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VanOrt named 2010 USAT Triathlete of the Year

We have one race down in 2011 and great things are still coming out of 2010. Lauren and Kaleb are currently traveling back from their first race and while I have had a lot of requests for race updates, I will leave that to the athletes. I will say that they gave all they had on a very tough course in Honduras and ended with World rankings of 105 for Lauren and 306 for Kaleb. Meanwhile Kaleb was named Triathlete of the year! I will simply say that great things happen to great people. I think back to our first ever conversation 16 months ago and I can still hear him say " I don't know what I am getting into but I want to make a run at this and see what I can do". The truth be told, the World has not seen what he can do yet. We feel very honored to receive this award and hope that 2011 will be even better. Thanks to all of our sponsors and people that have helped us get to where we are.

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